Kasey Helton writes and publishes The Hell-Fire Review, a blog for and about Livingston County progressives — that tenacious pack of Blue underdogs.

Helton is a former local newspaper reporter who ran for County Commission in 2018 and lost. She has spent over 20 years as a resident of Marion Township, where she lives with her husband, Jim, a steelworker, and her rescue mutt, Obi.

Her work has also been featured in The Livingston Post, Open Salon, and the Detroit blog Dyspathy. She likes to give hits on the track playing roller derby, and sometimes she swears a lot.


Democratic County Commission Candidates Will Object to Marijuana Ordinance

Democratic candidates for Livingston County Commission will object to a proposed anti-marijuana resolution on the agenda of a county commission subcommittee on Monday, June 11. A copy of the letter may be read here.

The six candidates will present a letter that says consideration of the resolution against the November ballot proposal legalizing marijuana is a waste of time and resources.

The letter also says that “the language of the proposed resolution grossly misrepresents the risks and benefits of marijuana. The data from the state of Colorado used in the resolution is clearly cherry-picked to present a distorted image of that state’s experience with marijuana.”

It asks that the resolution be defeated.

The ballot proposal to legalize the recreational use of marijuana would treat marijuana much like alcohol, legalizing it for those age 21 and over and imposing a tax.

The county’s General Government and Health and Human Services Committee has the resolution opposing the ballot proposal on the agenda for its 7:30 p.m. meeting in the Board Chambers at 304 E. Grand River, Howell.

The Democratic candidates are Jennifer Garcia of Hartland Township, District 2; Steven Savela of Hartland Township, District 3; Maureen Martin of Unadilla Township, District 4; Alex Hansen of Howell Township, District 5; Kasey Helton of Marion Township, District 6, and Kristina Drake of Hamburg Township, District 8. Several plan to attend the meeting.



Official Letter to the Livingston County Board of Commissioners Opposing the County Resolution Against Legalization

Update following the first Livingston County Commissioner Opioid Subcommittee Meeting 4/10