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Helton is a former local newspaper reporter who ran for County Commission in 2018 and lost. She has spent over 20 years as a resident of Marion Township, where she lives with her husband, Jim, a steelworker, and her rescue mutt, Obi.

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Meet the Impressed...

Slotkin breaks bread in Brighton, stays on focus for ‘Meet The Press’

If we can’t ... provide for people and help their pocketbook or their kids, we don’t deserve their vote.
— Congresswoman-elect Elissa Slotkin (MI-08)

Just like that.

Just like that we’ve gone from a being one of those sad congressional districts that so rarely sees our representative that some voters saw fit to construct a cardboard cutout of outgoing Rep. Mike Bishop as a replacement, to a whole new kind of place.

In this new district, I am so familiar with the determined in-person visage of Congresswoman-elect Elissa Slotkin (MI-08) that, as I watch her closely on livestream, I feel somehow uniquely qualified to assess the brow grooming skills of whoever does make-up for guests on Meet the Press. (For the record, it was on-point.)

That’s the power of voting -- you get a say, and real change becomes possible. Maybe this is not such a remarkable thing for people who remember the last time the 8th flipped in the opposite direction in '98. I was in too busy back then being a young college student and not giving a shit, as was common. Thankfully, that's something that's changing too in terms of voter demographics. For me, all of this feels like a first.

Speaking of being on-point, that’s exactly where Slotkin remained on Sunday: Healthcare. Infrastructure. Clean water. When asked about investigating President Trump, Slotkin called for balance between accountability and creating policy that benefits the middle class.

“We have to watch it,” Slotkin said. “If we can’t, as Democrats, as elected officials, provide for people and help their pocketbook or their kids, we don’t deserve their vote.”

On Thursday, Slotkin went to Great Harvest Bread Co. in Brighton where she addressed a packed audience of supporters and non-supporters alike, calling for the return of “The Midwestern Democrat….someone practical, reasonable and independently minded" as well as willing to work across the aisle, she said.

‘Midwestern Democrat’ or sane, responsible human being? Whatever you wish to label it, we need lots more of them in the years to come.

The County Good Old Boy Network is worried. It’s about time.